Use this calculator to determine the dimensions of a propeller blank based on your desired DIAMETER, PITCH and BLADE WIDTH.
Input your desired DIAMETER, PITCH and BLADE WIDTH (using the TAB key or the mouse to move to the next blank.) Press CALCULATE and observe the results in the other blanks. To calculate another prop, just overlay new values over the old (or press CLEAR) and re-CALCULATE.
Note: this program rounds the Prop Blank Dimensions to 1/16 of a unit, therefore it will work best if you use inches as the units.

Prop Blank Dimensions
P/D Ratio Width
Blade Length Thick

The Actual Dimensions Table shown below will allow you to see what the actual dimensions of the prop to be carved. Note that the Pitch values are not exactly the same as the Desired Pitch. This is due to the linear properties of the blank. The program has been adjusted to produce lower (but not too low) pitch values at the tip, effectively producing washout on the tips of the blades.

Actual Prop Dimensions

Click here for the prop carving instruction: How to Carve

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George Bredehoft, Volaré Products, 1998