This small program will be useful when you are trying to calculate the length of struts for wings, landing gear, tailplanes or any other location where you have a strut crossing a three-dimensional area.

All you need to know is the three dimensions. I have called these "x", "y" and "z" after the geometric axes they are measured in. They may be called "length", "width" and "height". It doesn't matter what you call them or even what order you measure them in, just enter the three values!

You may take the measurements directly from the plans or from the plane. The values must be in positive whole or decimal numbers (no fractions.) Units are not necessary, although all three values must be in the same units (all 3 in inches, feet, miles, meters, etc.)

Use the TAB or the Mouse to select a space, type in the number and TAB or Click again, until all three blanks are full. Then Click on "Calculate". "Clear" clears all data for a new sheet.

X-axis Length
Y-axis Length
Z-axis Length
True Length

George Bredehoft, Volaré Products, 1998