This calculator is based on the TAIL VOLUME (TVo) work done by WIlliam McCombs and Don DeLoach.
Input your measured WING SPAN, WING AREA, HORIZONTAL STAB AREA, and TAIL MOMENT. (using the TAB key or the mouse to move to the next blank.) Press CALCULATE and observe the results in the other blanks. To calculate another plane, just overlay new values over the old (or press CLEAR) and re-CALCULATE.
... the CG Values are to be applied to the AVERAGE WING CHORD, as calculated.
... Wing and Tail Areas can be calculated in a variety of ways.
...... straight rectangular wings are simple span multiplied by chord.
...... wings with straight tapered sections can be calculated by applying additional trangular formulae.
...... wings with curved sections are difficult to measure without a CAD program.
... an easy way to calculate any wing area is to cut out from paper and weigh the paper cut-out. Use the weight as the units in the program below.

Wing Span Wing Area
H-Stab Area Tail Moment
AVE Wing Chord TVo
CG % CG inches

HERE is the link to the Don DeLoach article.

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George Bredehoft, Volaré Products, 2017